Seafood Summit

0 Comments Posted by Erika in General on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010.

At the end of this week, I am fortunate enough to be hopping on an airplane for Paris. I will be attending the Seafood Summit, an annual event that brings together non-profit organizations, academics, seafood producers and suppliers, chefs, and restaurateurs from all over the world to learn about seafood sustainability. There are going to be so many interesting talks and events.  Here are just a few of the topics I’ll be living and breathing over the three days in Paris:

  • How we can eliminate seafood that is caught illegally from the supply chain
  • What the best standards for gauging aquaculture (or fish farming) practices
  • If and how we can raise salmon in fish farms without using fishmeal from wild caught fish
  • What makes a fishery sustainable and equitable
  • How partnerships can help make fisheries more sustainable
  • Whether or not deep-sea fisheries (which are often those that target long-lived species) can be sustainable
  • How we can ensure traceability in the seafood supply chain (is that fish really from the sustainable fishery?)
  • If and how climate change will impact fisheries
  • How restaurateurs and chefs can switch to sustainable seafood and help promote healthy fish populations and biodiversity
  • How fishing communities can market their sustainably caught products

That’s a lot to cover in just three days so needless to say my brain will be swimming by the end.  When the Seafood Summit is over, I am going to take a few days to explore the cuisine in Italy, and when I come back, I will be ready to share all I learned.  I will be working with restaurants and chefs when I return to help them make the best, cutting-edge decisions about what seafood to put on their menus.  I will also be posting about some of my favorite topics for everyone else who is interested in making sustainable seafood purchases when I return.