For Restaurants

Green My Restaurant is dedicated to helping restaurants adopt green practices by helping you find local producers of sustainable and organic foods, plan weddings and other events, and educate your staff. We provide consulting services for one-time events, dinner series, and even complete revamping of menus. We also provide consulting services to grocery and seafood stores.

Our services:

  • Local, sustainable, and organic food producers – helping you find and connect with local sources of sustainable foods
  • Menus – writing menus to highlight your sustainably produced foods and other green initiatives
  • Sustainable seafood or local farm dinners – coordinating and advertising one-time or series special dinners and events
  • Weddings and special events – creating green menus, finding local food producers, and planning any other logistics to create an eco-friendly wedding of any couple’s dreams
  • Green practices – implementing green practices, such as recycling, composting, identifying eco-friendly take-out containers, and more, in your restaurant
  • Education – educating your staff on why to go green, what it means, what is on your menu, and how to share their knowledge with your customers
  • Stores – helping grocery stores and suppliers go green by finding local food producers and suppliers or recommending sustainable seafood items