About Us

Green My Restaurant was formed based on a love for eating great foods and a dedication to an eco-friendly lifestyle.  At Green My Restaurant, we provide consulting services primarily to restaurants but also to seafood and grocery stores to adopt sustainable, green practices and to link up with local, sustainable and organic food producers.  We offer a variety of services, but we are also interested in talking with you about your ideas and needs.  We can even help plan green weddings, including anything from the menu to the favors, having planned a green wedding ourselves!

At Green My Restaurant, we have experience working to conserve the environment and with local food groups.  The founder of Green My Restaurant holds a Master’s degree in environmental management and a Ph.D. in natural resources, with an expertise in seafood sustainability.  She has taught in K-12 classrooms, at environmental education centers, in adult education programs, and at the undergraduate level, and would be glad to provide outreach or education to your group.  She has also been involved in local green movements, including Green Drinks and Slow Food.

Contact us to learn more about how Green My Restaurant can help you.