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Eating sustainably is our mantra. Helping you do that is our mission. Green My Restaurant offers consulting services to help restaurants find local organic producers, update menus, plan events, and adopt green practices. We also help consumers find these green restaurants, suppliers, and even local events.

Chef plating delicious, sustainable food in the kitchen of a classy restaurant Appetizer of green and black olives and bread A tasty appetizer served in a fine-dining restaurant Gourmet dinner of rainbow trout fillet accompanied by white wine
Resources for Eco-Conscious Chefs and Restaurant Owners

Whether you want to green your menu or adopt environmentally friendly practices in your restaurant, we can help. We provide consulting services to decide which sustainable or organic foods to put on your menu and where to buy them. We can also help plan annual or series dinners or other events such as sustainable seafood dinners, farm to table events, or even weddings.

Resources For Eco-Minded Consumers

Eating sustainably is good for you and good for our planet. Check out our tips for which foods are grown, raised, or caught sustainably and how to find eco-friendly foods or restaurants. Also, check out the links to our blog and to other resources to help you learn more and to connect with local, sustainable food sources.

Find Local Green Restaurants & More!

Find out what green and sustainable events are going on in your town, or contact us to have your environmentally friendly event added to the calendar. Right now, our local events are focusing on Newburyport, Massachusetts and the seacoast area around Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but if you want a local page for your town, let us know.

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